6 basic steps to start working


Today we want to present you a small guide about the basic steps of how to build pallet furniture. We only have to have in mind 6 concepts, which will serve as a general rule for all the furniture that you want to create with pallets. This isn’t a guide to explain how to make a particular piece of furniture, it’s a general guideline to start with such creations. Let’s begin.

Find your pallets: First we must always find a few wooden pallets, you only have to keep in mind it when you drive with your car or you go for a walk, and you’ll see that the streets are full of them, abandoned without any use, don’t hesitate and take them!

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Pallet drawers for the living room

Fantastic piece of furniture from l’Atelier de Romane, perfect piece of furniture to place the TV and very practical to store the belongings of the dining room.
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Sofas and tables made with fruit boxes

Outdoor furniture, sofas and tables, built from deconstructed fruit boxes, located in La Costa Brava – Spain
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Low circular table with stools

Table built with wooden coil and remains of pallets, the stools have also been built with pieces of wooden pallets
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Small hexagonal chandeliers

Created by Ludovic Mavit: How to recycle the pallet blocks geometrically … for those interested, it is called cuboctahedron or dymaxion, a particular form of a cube truncated through half of the edges of the cube. Some advices: – Convert blocks into perfect cubes – Put the blade of the saw at 35.3 degrees, not […]
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Kitchen auxiliary furniture

Gwenaëlle Tessier teaches us this auxiliary furniture for the kitchen, made with pallets and with drawers made with wine boxes
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