6 basic steps to start working


Today we want to present you a small guide about the basic steps of how to build pallet furniture. We only have to have in mind 6 concepts, which will serve as a general rule for all the furniture that you want to create with pallets. This isn’t a guide to explain how to make a particular piece of furniture, it’s a general guideline to start with such creations. Let’s begin.

Find your pallets: First we must always find a few wooden pallets, you only have to keep in mind it when you drive with your car or you go for a walk, and you’ll see that the streets are full of them, abandoned without any use, don’t hesitate and take them!

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Shelving for jams

Shelving for jams created by Delphine Romon
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Sofa-bed with pallets

Sofa-bed created by Dominique Echenard. The pallets have incorporated hinges that allow to extend them as if they were a double bed
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Chest made with pallets

Chest made with pallets by Bois Tiful, the chest has been built from 3 large wooden arches with the same dimensions
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Headboard city skyline

Headboard for bed made with pallets that mimic the skyline of a city, the back lighting is great with the holes that create the windows in the buildings.
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