6 basic steps to start working


Today we want to present you a small guide about the basic steps of how to build pallet furniture. We only have to have in mind 6 concepts, which will serve as a general rule for all the furniture that you want to create with pallets. This isn’t a guide to explain how to make a particular piece of furniture, it’s a general guideline to start with such creations. Let’s begin.

Find your pallets: First we must always find a few wooden pallets, you only have to keep in mind it when you drive with your car or you go for a walk, and you’ll see that the streets are full of them, abandoned without any use, don’t hesitate and take them!


Dismantle: It’s usually a good solution when you want to create a piece of furniture, as it will provide you the power to create anything from 0. The wooden planks can be used to create any kind of furniture so you should dismantle the pallet to get them. Here you can see a guide of how to do it.


Organize and measures the wooden planks: Now is the time to tidy up all our wooden planks, place them one by one arranged by size on the floor a count them. Now we know what we have to know that we can create.


Model: This is the most creative step and the favorite for the major part of the people, help yourself with a pad and a pencil to design your furniture based on the planks that you have, and its various dimensions. There are also computer programs that can help us to project our furniture, and even at this blog you can find numerous examples.


Build: It’s time to make use of our DIY skills, it organize your workspace, equip yourself with your best tools and materials… and start to work! Be patient and pause in order to obtain a good quality furniture with a good finish.


Relax: And finally, perhaps the most important point, enjoy your furniture! It’s your work, your creation, and there is nothing better than achieving your goal and enjoying it… 🙂


Start looking for some pallet ideas!