A nice box made of pallet planks


If you are thinking of a new way of storage, we have a very interesting and elegant proposal, which may replace the typical closets or plastic boxes that we normally use. This is a nice rustic box made ​​of pallet planks, which has 4 wheels (if you please to add them) that allow us to move to a more appropriate place according to the circumstances. This furniture is suitable for the children rooms that often are filled with toys, or for storing blankets, dirty clothes, books, or anything else related to the use of the room. For the younger children, it allows them to pick up their toys easily, and for the adults is a good way to use and maintain the space under control.

A nice box made of pallet planks 1

A nice box made of pallet planks 2

First the material and tools that you are going to need are: a handsaw, a screwdriver, a drill, screws, wooden glue, ropes or handles (if you want to add some to the box), 4 pallet planks with the dimensions 40.5 cm (16 ”) for the vertical structure, 6 pallet planks of 35.50 cm (14 ”) for the front and rear parts, 6 pallet planks with the dimensions of 45.5 cm (18 ”) for the sides, and finally to build the base we are going to need 6 planks of 53’3 cm (21 ”).

So the pallet box will have the dimensions of: 53’3 cm (21 ”) wide x 44.4 cm (17.5 ”) of height x 53’3 cm (21 ”) deep.

A nice box made of pallet planks 3

First use 3 pallet planks of 35’5 cm (14 ”) and join them with the two vertical planks of 53’3 cm (21 ”) with the help of some screws, do it 2 times and build the front and rear parts of the box. The space between every planks will be 6’2cm (2 and 3/4”)

A nice box made of pallet planks 4

Once this step is completed, we will do the same to build the sides of the box, again join three planks on each side with the vertical boards of 40.5 cm (16 ”) as we show you in the picture. Maintain the same distance between them 6’2 cm (2 and 3/4 ”).

   A nice box made of pallet planks 5

Finally, with the help of some screws fix 6 pallet planks in the bottom, one next to the other as we show you below, creating the base where we are going to add later the four wheels.

A nice box made of pallet planks 6

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Source: morelikehome.net