Organizer with fruit boxes


Having organized our kitchen utensils, our magazines , or children toys… can not be easier if we have some fruit boxes within reach. Boxes may be the ones that we can find in the large fruit crops, of much higher quality, or the typical ones of the grocery store, like the ones showed at the picture, with a ​​much more weaker wood, in any case is enough to achieve our goal!

The idea is based on using one of these boxes and make some arrangements to give it a more decorative look. As you can see on the picture we have added a handle to the box, like it was a basket, to fix it we don’t have to use nails , because it’s an ornament with some glue it will be more than enough to fix it.

Organizer with fruit boxes

Organizer with fruit boxes 2

 Organizer with fruit boxes 3

Then we’ll apply a coat of paint, any bright color will be great because it will give a touch of grace and sympathy to the box.

 Organizer with fruit boxes 4

Finally we will add a piece of fabric from a tablecloth or a napkin that can also be recycled, so the box will have much more charm and it would be ideal for decorating our kitchen or living room. We can attach the tablecloth to the box using a few loops. But do not forget that this is an organizer! it’s a good piece for decorating but it also makes a good function keeping all our utensils organized.

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