How to deconstruct the pallets


 How to deconstruct the pallets

In this videos we show you something esential for the furniture construction with the wooden pallets, how to dismantle them. Basically the way of doing it is removing every nail from the wood, so we finally will have only the pallet boards. It sounds simple but there is a whole technique to do it in an easier, faster and safer way. Remember how important it’s security, so don’t forget to use while you are doing the process of deconstruction, gloves and safety boots with steel toe and ankle protection.

Also if you want to do all this work without turning yourself crazy, we strongly recomand you the use one of the following tools:

How to deconstruct the pallets (2)

Check the disponibility for this products:

Pry bar

Claw Hammer

Perhaps you prefer just to cut the pallet into little pieces and avoid having to remove the nails we recommend you to use a jig saw like this one.

Anyway now that you now how to dismantle a wooden pallet it’s time to look for some pallet furniture ideas and instructions, just visit this link to start looking.