Build your own garden path with pallets


If you want a pavement outside your house, build of wooden pallets, I’ll teach you how to do it. We are going to need some recycled wooden pallets to build the path. We will have to deconstruct them in order to obtain the boards as it’s shown in the photo. We should cut them longitudinally or transversely to get the needed dimensions acording to the design that we want to give to the path.




It is important to prepare the ground where you are going to place the boards to form the flooring. If the ground it’s made of soil we must go to fatenning it and compacting it, it is recommended to compact the soil with a large manual mace.


Before placing the the boards we should varnish all the faces os them with several layers, taht’s because the action of the moist soil is very aggressive with the wood.

The placement of the boards can be done in 2 different ways. We can place them without a fixation, as it’s shown in the photo above,  this will be a more vulnerable surface, or we can fix the boards to the ground nailing the planks with bolts. A third option is to make a bed of mortar or concrete, This is the best solution but the more difficult to do, the good point of it is that there will no soil to rot the wooden planks.

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