Cover the wall of a room with pallet wooden boards


Today in DIY Pallet Furniture we will see how well  does a room look like with a wall covered with wooden pallet boards. The begining of the whole work starts with cleaning and deconstructing all the wooden pallets, The guy from the photo uses a special machine to do this, but if you don’t have this machine here I’ll teach you how to do it manually: How to dismantle pallets?



To fix the boards into the wall we just have to cut them with the correct size, so then they’ll be able to fit correctly like a puzzle, a good idea is to arrange all the boards with the same width, and then fix them on a line, so then there wouldn’t be puzzle problems. To fix all this boards on the wall we will use nails. If we have a machine for nailing all this nails this will do our work much more easier.


For a quality end of the coated wall, it’s important to fit correctly the slats, we have to measure and cut constantly this boards to correctly do our work . Pay attention to the detail of the socket, it fits perfectly between the pallets, this is because we have projected well all the management of the wooden boards. The little remaining space is also covered with a small piece of wood.



This is the end result, a rustic and beautiful wooden coat to our room.

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