Flooring with pallets


With a little more effort, you can create some impressive DIY pallet furniture, really, no one would guess that it started with some wooden pallets  that are behind a supermarket. These projects can be a little more intense, because usually they require to deconstruct the pallets.

If you’re ready for the challenge, could you coat a floor with pallets? Although it is considerably much more difficult, like the installation of any hardwood (plus the cost of sanding and varnishing the wood), the advantage is that you’ll get the boards almost free. If you do it yourself is not an easy game … but also you can contract a company that installs hardwood floors, and then you   just will have to provide the pallet boards.


While you’re deconstructing the pallets, consider also that you can easily cover the walls with this wooden pallets. This is a good alternative to the wallpaper.

The idea which is fresh and more useful: consider nail together the pallets vertically to form simple decorative screens. more solid and much easier to customize with paintings or drawings, is a great solution for those who need to divide a small space.

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