Do a wooden deck with pallets


The Icelandic Arni David Haraldsson has made this incredible wooden flooring with wooden pallets. Haraldsson only spended a few afternoons to construct it. A total of 163 Euro-pallets where used counting also the terrace pallet furniture, and all the pallets where for free, so he just had to buy some screws, wood oil, and the planks used to hide the holes between the pallets.



Arni stacked the pallets to set the structure up to the door of his house, as you see in the picture he just had to put them one besides de other, he didn’t need to fix them. He also constructed 2 ladders with the same system to reach the different levels.


Once the structure of the stage was already set, he hide all the holes left between the pallet tables with some planks, in order to make the surface more uniform and suitable, you can apreciate this looking at the superior image, can you see the different color of the planks?


This is the aspect of the platform finnally placed.


But before applying the oil, to improve the design of the platform, Arny has covered the sides of the stage to hide all the holes between the pallets, all of this was done purchasing boards and nails.

Finally it’s applied to all the stage 2 or 3 layers of wood oil, so that will protect much better the wood from the enviorement, and it will give the deck an atractive good look.


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