Facade covered with pallets “AME-LOT”


AME-LOT is a project of the architect Stephane Malka, the purpose is to coat the front of a student residence in Paris with wooden pallets. In the render we see that the façade is covered with moving pallets, these pallets have some joints that allow them to open and close indistinctly. The articulation of the pallets gives to the residents the ability to adjust them as they need actively, so they can change the light and clima. This modern art also gives an organic design to the façade of the residence.

Stephane Malka believes that if you really want to build ecologically you should’nt produce new materials, and reuse the already elaborated.



As he says: “We rely on the reappropriation of existing materials without additional reprocessing, which otherwise would cost energy in terms of production and create further pollution. The actual environmental approach doesn’t consists in destruction, it consists on overlapping interventions on the built heritage. This is a new strategy for the land, without any other  references on any other plot, built by the ecology of the mediums. “


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