Green corner for the terrace made with pallets


Fifi has sent us this curious creation, which consists of a small green corner decorated with pallets.

A decorative corner that generally includes two elements, planters and a small house for birds, but what is most striking is its electrifying green color with wich has been painted.

Green corner for the terrace made with pallets

There are numerous planters found in this design, there is a large one at the base, 4 small ones within the pallet, and 2 fixed in the wall, all with their colorful plants that make the set even more greener.

The birdhouse has been very well executed, although it’s really difficult for the birds to come to live in a so close location to the people, however it’s very decorative.

Thank you very much for your contribution Fifi, don’t forget to keep sending curious projects as this one.

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