Parquet flooring in Kex-Hostel made ​​of pallets


Never will cease to amaze me the uses that people give to the wooden pallets. Thanks to its square square block shape, it allows  the construction of great many things. Once deconstructed they offer a great variety of options to create rustic elements. The most elegant application that we have found is to make these floor from “Arctic Plank” in the Kex Hostel in Reikiavik, Iceland.

Artic Plank recycles the wood pallets and although they don’t explain exactly what processes they use, it looks like they have projected sand onto the pallets, stained and varnish them to create a unique kind of parquet. To dissimulate the short lengths of the boards, elegantly they have been cut and arranged in a zig zag pattern.


The result is a very original floor with a rustic touch that inspires us in the great variety of floors that we would ever make.



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