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Today we want to show you this nice restaurant in which we have used recycled pallets in many different ways, the restaurant was built from 0, and where was possible we used recycled materials thanks to my domain of DIY.

One of the first decisions was what to do with the original plasterboard walls. We wanted that the result was cozy so a good option was to use wood, but the wood walls are very expensive. Fortunately I remembered that once I saw a post in a blog where someone used the boards extracted from a pallet to cover fully a wall.

Restaurant interior furniture made from pallets1 of 2

Restaurant interior furniture made from pallets2

Thanks to a search through I found some free wood sources. One guy put a new fence and wanted someone that will take away an old wood fence of 350 feet, it had 15 years. I also found a company that had 130 wooden pallets in their garage. So for the price of a rental truck i had all the wood that was needed to cover the restaurant walls!

It was easy to take out the wood of the fence, but the wood was too consistent for using it in a wall. The pallets had a great variety of different woods, from pine to oak. Many of the pallets were rotted or had broken areas, so I separated them by if they were able to use or not. Some of the pallets have nails and epoxy resins, and are very difficult to remove, in any case here’s a guide of how to disassemble the pallets easily.

Restaurant interior furniture made from pallets3

 After a lot of trial and error, and doing a lot of google search, we found the right method. We used a circular saw to cut the ends of each pallet, as close as possible to the wooden beams, to maximize the length of the boards, so you’ll avoid having to pull-out the nails of the pallets, that was the most complicated. In 2 weekends I disassembled 130 pallets, spending 3-8 hours per day.

To set the wooden boards on the walls, first we’ll nail the strips on the plasterboard, we’ll fix them with construction glue and nails, later these strips would help us to set up the boards there. The next step was to classify the wood by its width, in each pallet the width of the boards changes, so if we put them randomlly on the wall then it would have been a real puzzle to fix them all, it’s better to put them before in line with the same width, then it will be easier to fit them together. The initial classification according to the thickness we’ll save us later a lot of work. To fix these boards to the strips you should use a compressed air nail gun, it will save you time and effort.

 Restaurant interior furniture made from pallets4

In the corners we exchange the boards position by its row, I mean exactly the same as when you put bricks, that  gives a very professional end to the wooden wall. We have to have special care to don’t leave splinters or nails on the edge of the planks.

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Restaurant furniture made of pallets (2 of 2)

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