Simple flooring made with wooden pallets


This is a good solution that I found in Barcelos, Portugal, next to the bridge that crosses the river. It’s a platform made ​​of pallets to be used as a court or for concert performances, it’s not very elaborated but it may be enough if we are short of budget and we need a place to do presentations. Simply the pallets are stacked one over the other until you get the desired height. To stabilize the platform better, you could put them discountinously, like they were bricks. In this picture you can see it more clear.

Simple flooring made with wooden pallets7

 Simple flooring made with wooden pallets9

 Simple flooring made with wooden pallets6

In the complex there was also this little bar with a flooring made of pallets too, everything seems a great DIY project.

 Simple flooring made with wooden pallets8

In this case the stage is more elaborated, since they have filled the empty spaces into the pallets with more boards. To do this they just have dismantled several pallets to obtain the boards (take a look here to see how to dismantle a pallet), next the boards have been cut in order to be adapted to the spaces into the pallets, and one by one all have been nailed in all the pallet. Finally the pallets have been fixed on the floor setting the flooring that we see on the picture , easy right?

I leave you with some pictures that clearly explain the process.

 Simple flooring made with wooden pallets1

Simple flooring made with wooden pallets2

Simple flooring made with wooden pallets3

Simple flooring made with wooden pallets4

Simple flooring made with wooden pallets5

Just one more thing, I recommend before you put the pallets to place 2 layers of a weed barrier, if you son’t do this eventually the weed is going to grow and pass through the pallet boards, a weed barrier would largely avoid this problem.

Do you like this DIY wooden flooring? Do you want to look for more pallet flooring?