Small outdoor patio floor made with wooden pallets


Today we want to present you this nice pallet flooring for your little patio.

This outer floor was created to make a small patio in a garden where you can get relaxed. The implementation is very simple, in consists only of creating a hole where we are going to place the pallets, we have to low the level of the patio so then we can refill it with the pallets and regularize again the level. Then we will fil also the slots left between the pallets, we will fill them with some boards from more wooden pallets, but also is possible to obtain them from another sources. Finally everything has to be painted to give to the floor a nicer end. It’s recommended before the whole process to apply to he wood several layers of varnish, think that all this wood is going to be constantly in contact with the wet soil, so it’s fairly easy that all this wood is going to get rotted if we don’t treat it well.


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