wooden flooring made of pallets


Wooden flooring can also de done with recycled wooden pallets. If you want a rustic look for your farmhouse, there’s anything better than a wooden platform built with used pallets, also it will be one of the wooden decks easier to take care and maintain. It’s time of choosing the pallets for your pallet flooring, it’s best to choose those pallets that have been used to store materials. Designed for outdoor use, these pallets are normally treated and thicker, and can be found easily in construction stores.

wooden flooring made of pallets

Shipping pallets bear aging quite well, they come in various sizes and shapes, here you can see the diifferent types of pallets. Using these pallets to make our wooden flooring avoids deforestation.

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 wooden flooring made of pallets_3

The foundations of the wooden flooring are a thick layer of pallets placed over some gravel. If the floor is not leveled, level it using ceramic bricks under the pallets. The foundations must be done with pallets of the same proportions to make sure that the surface is leveled. The pallets with spaces between the boards are ideal, as they then facilitate the task of nailing the boards on the surface of the wooden flooring. Use a level to level each pallet in the total area as it’s shown in the photos. If you want a higher wooden flooring just add another layer of pallets.

wooden flooring made of pallets_4The boards that are going to fit the pallet gaps will be cutted from another pallets using a power saw. This is the easiest way to do it and proceed. You can also cut the nails in order to get longer boards, the only problem is that this is going to take us more time. If you don’t know how to dismantle the pallets visit the following link.

Classify the wooden boards by its width, if there are different, and then nail them one beside the other until the end. The boards can be nailed with nails or screws, in any case remember that the heads should be galvanized to resist the corrosion.

We must be especially careful placing the first row of tables, it has to be very well aligned as it is going to guide the following rows of boards.

Remember to cut round all the sharp edges with a chainsaw, this should be done for safety. Nail numerous nails on the boards as it’s shown in the photograph. Then you must sand the surface.

The final treatment of the wooden floor must be with a mixture of 4 parts of linseed oil and 1 part of turpentine, this is a derivative of the resin. 3 layers of varnish will be enough, we use 5 liters to varnish 14 M2, wait at least 24 hours between all the varnish coats to dry. To prevent yellowing the wooden flooring, I recommend to mix some Titanium in the oil. If you wish a darker finish I recommend you to use also walnut on the varnish.

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