Custom kitchen cabinet made with pallets


This brilliant idea was sent recently by Freddy, who rightly has taken some pallets that he had without any use to create a customized piece of furniture in an underutilized space.

Freddy had in the kitchen a small gap that only had de purpuse of accumulating dirt, it was a not used space and if he placed there a small cabinet he could better organize their tools and supplies. So he thought that he could build one using his carpentry skills and with a very little investment.

Custom kitchen cabinet made ​​with pallets 4

 Custom kitchen cabinet made ​​with pallets

The inspiration came to him in a wooden pallet. Instead of having to buy some materials why not use some wooden pallets that he already had ? good idea right!? Hands-on he started to design the furniture and discovered that by joining together two pallets vertically, he could fit perfectly the furniture inside the gap, but not only that, thanks to the design of the pallets in the middle there would be a shelf without having to do any adaptation!

 Custom kitchen cabinet made ​​with pallets 3

Just had to add a few tables in the 2 levels for making the shelves, then to have a cabinet with a design well balanced with the rest of the kitchen, he chose to coat it with some formica wooden panels, which are the plastic sheets that you can see in the picture, these panels are ideal for areas with water because of its impermeability and ease of cleaning .

He also painted the furniture white and black and added a handle on the top of the cabinet, in order to mimic the classic drawers that can be found in any kitchen furniture.

 Custom kitchen cabinet made ​​with pallets 2

As you can see the result is fantastic, and the great height with 2 movable shelves make this a good place to put the bottles.

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