A rocking cot for your babies


Today from DIY pallet furniture we present you this specially designed swinging cot to provide the sweetness, comfort and poetry in the early months of our babies.

The rocking cot has these measures 46.8″ X 46.8″ with a depth of 19.2″ and weights 59.4 pounds. The time required to build it is about 12 days.

A rocking cot for your babies

The swinging cot is made of recycled wooden pallets. They have dismantled the initial pallets for building it, here you can see how to deconstruct the pallets. Each board has been polished and treated with a high protection vitrifier, following the regulations of the toys for children EN71-3. Special care has been taken to avoid splinters and sharp edges.

A rocking cot for your babies2

The cot is designed with this moon shape to give to the room a magical air, plus some stars were carved on the sides of the boards once finished. The curvature of the moon at the bottom allows the cot to function as a rocker.

 A rocking cot for your babies3

This is a great project and a great idea if you have time to do it, it’s laborious, but the result is very special. Remember that it’s important to clean and treat the wood well with non-toxic solutions, since it will be a place for the babys to sleep.

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