Drawer with 3 europalets


Flo has sent us a few projects using pallets, one of them is this rustic chest of drawers made of 3 europalets. Without hardly treating the wood, the drawer still retains the original style of the pallets.

Drawer with 3 europalets 1

The construction is very simple, it’s been built just stacking 3 pallets, and the drawers have been added between the pallet gaps, using tailored drawers made using pallet planks.

Drawer with 3 europalets 2

To let the drawers slide and be held within these gaps, it’s necessary to place some angles made with wooden strips. These strips can be bought at any carpenteer store with the necessary dimensions, and we can fix them with small nails or wood glue.

Drawer with 3 europalets 3

Under the drawer were added 4 wheels, allowing it to be mobile and also achieving a greater height.

Drawer with 3 europalets 4

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