Rustic chest built with pallet planks


André sent me this piece of furniture made with pallets which he has built with a lot of love. It’s a chest of a rustic style similar to some that we’ve seen already on this blog, with the classic design of the double drawers on the top and double closet at the bottom, which can also serve as a side table, in any case, a cabinet very convenient for our bedroom and not out of tune in any decor.

Rustic chest built with pallet planks

As you see in the feet of the chest you can distinguish the origin of the furniture, although it’s difficult to appreciate, the feet are marked with the corresponding europallets seals. Another peculiarity of the furniture which I like, are the hinges, long and rustic they help the pallet planks of the doors to stay fixed. All the wood of the furniture is sanded and treated with oils to highlight the rustic wood and its waters, which gives a fantastic look to the chest. Finally another detail are the 2 small eaves of the sides, another practical way to improve the functionality of the cabinet improving the use of the table surface.

André thank you very much for sending us your project, hopefully we’ll recieve soon more furniture pieces as elaborated as this one.

Do you like this pallet furniture for the bedroom? Do you want to look for more pallet drawers?