4 good examples of pallet bed headboards


Yohan has sent us these examples of headboards made from pallets for double beds, all he has created can be found on his Facebook page, though they can help you to get inspired and design your own headboard using pallets.

You can use a traditional structure to build the bed or just build it with pallets placed on the ground, it will be the headboard that will require further elaboration and will be built exclusively with pallets.

4 good examples of pallet headboards 1

4 good examples of pallet headboards 2

These first two examples, both very similar, are born using 2 whole pallets set against the wall, obviously the pallets have been previously claned and sanded and also painted to embellish them. The detail that differentiates them are the shelves that have been placed in its structure, cutting a rectangle and placing on the perimeter 4 wooden planks.

4 good examples of pallet headboards 3

The other option is this one created from pallet planks, which are set irregularly cut on the wall. The 2 bedside tables have been built using only two wooden planks some metal brackets.

4 good examples of pallet headboards 4

Finally we have this other more traditional headboard, made only with a great pallet without any changes, it just has been painted and a message has also been written using letter stencils and black paint.

Do you like this pallet furniture for the bedroom? Do you want to look for more pallet beds?

Source: Esprit Loft Recup