A bed made only with 6 pallets


Katerina has sent us this bed made only with 6 pallets and with a headboard included! All thanks to the Euro pallets. She sent us the pallet furniture project via our Facebook Fanpage, which we recommend you to follow if you want to keep informed of all of our pallet furniture ideas.

a bed made only with 6 pallets

How is it built? The truth is that it’s extremely simple, since you don’t have to unite the pallets between them, basically it has been created as if it was a puzzle. Before using the pallets you should clean them, then sand them is also highly recommended, especially considering that this is a bed and a splinter could harm us easily, finally varnish the pallets to improve to the limit the durability and hygiene of the furniture.

The assembly of the base is quite easy, we have created it using using 4 pallets, 2 placed by its long side to cover the entire width of the bed, and the other 2 perpendicular creating a “T”, so the bed will not be too long and also will have 2 wings at each side that can be used as bedside tables. Finally, the headboard has also been made with other 2 Euro pallets, they have only been held against the wall thanks to the mattress pallets, however you can fix them to make it safer.

Now you should just put a mattress over the bed, decorate it with some sheets, blankets and pillows, and finally the bed is ready to use. Katerina has chosen to give to it a more rural feel, using an animal skin as if it was a hunting cabin. We could have built the bed also with a greater height, but we would have needed four more pallets and actually I think it’s high enough.

Thanks Katerina this piece of furniture is truly great! If you build some more pallet furniture don’t forget to send some pictures to us, and to all of you, I just can tell you the same thing, you only must go to our Fanpage and send them via message.

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