Bed headboard made ​​with pallet planks


José Rafael has shared with us this fantastic bed headboard made ​​from wooden pallet planks, built in his spare time it’s certainly a good solution for a bedroom with a double bed. To build it you need to dismantle several pallets, once he has obtained the planks he has joined them forming a rectangle with a length slightly greater than the width of the bed, enough to place later 2 bedside tables. He has joined all the planks using more crossed planks and nails on the backside.

Bed headboard made ​​with pallet planks 2

Bed headboard made ​​with pallet planks 3

José has also created a small frame around all the headboard, giving additional strength to the furniture. The bedside tables have been made sustaining some small planks with 2 metal brackets each. The last detail was to add 1 socket on each table, taking advantage that the wiring is hidden behind the headboard, this will be very useful later to ad 2 lamps or to have a place where to charge the phones.

Bed headboard made ​​with pallet planks

The headboard is suspended above the ground, so the planks behind the structure must be fixed to the wall using some screws and plugs. There is also the option to make it longer and reach the floor, and then just support the headboard over it.

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