Bunkbeds for dogs made ​​with pallets!


If you have space problems at your home and a lot of pets… or you just like having peculiar objects of decoration and surprise your guests… this is the definitive furniture, a dog bunlbed made ​​from pallets! It seems incredible but it’s true, you just have to take a look at the pictures, doggy fans like me love these ideas, they are not only practical and save space in our home, they are also very funny and they give more than one smile.

Bunkbeds for dogs made ​​with pallets

 Bunkbeds for dogs made ​​with pallets 4

There are many ways to create a small bunk bed for your dogs , they all follow the usual standards for bunk beds but we just have to make them smaller , here you can see some pictures of examples in order to get you inspired.

 Bunkbeds for dogs made ​​with pallets 2

 Bunkbeds for dogs made ​​with pallets 3

Obviously these beds can be used for any type of pet, and they can have any height… 3 or 4 floors… just imagine! look how happy are these cats, they even share their beds.

Bunkbeds for dogs made ​​with pallets 5

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