Cheap children’s bedroom made with pallets


If you want to build a cheap youth bedroom the best way is using wooden pallets. You could be a little bit short of money or simply spend, spend and spend doesn’t fits in your philosophy… so an excellent choice, and even more for a young lad, is to make a cheap youth bedroom using wooden pallets as the one in top photo, looks great! nice, modern and super cheap! or almost free…

The secret of the bedroom is its library made of 100% pallets, can be a hard work but sure your son will help you, who wouldn’t like to sleep in a bedroom like this?

Cheap childrens bedroom made with pallets

 Cheap childrens bedroom made with pallets2

The centerpiece of any bedroom is the bed, a bedroom is not a bedroom if it doesn’t have a bed. Build it with pallets can be a very good solution, and it’s usually quite simple to do, since the structure of the pallets invite them to work as a mattress, here you have a link if you want to see other beds made with pallets.

 Cheap childrens bedroom made with pallets3

But why not the bed can also be a shelf? with this design there will be less problems of space in your bedroom, use the pallets to extend the bed and build a shelf or more pallet furniture, and under the same bed frame you can also put your games, magazines and slippers.

 Cheap childrens bedroom made with pallets4

But not everything is about making furniture, a cheap youth bedroom can also be covered with pallets, and give it a more cozy touch, a wooden ceiling could be a very atractive and original idea.

 Cheap childrens bedroom made with pallets5

If you are a true handyman you can do things like this cod, this is not for youth people, that’s an high standing design for the baby of the house, it is not easy to do but if you like DIY furniture it can be a good choice. Here you can see in more detail this beautiful project.

 Cheap childrens bedroom made with pallets6

If you like something more classic than youth, you can follow the design of this bed, it’s also made of pallets, the pallets are very versatile and they let you make anything, just use your imagination.

 Cheap childrens bedroom made with pallets7

Shelves and wardrobes are another key part of the bedrooms, as same as the bed they cannot be missed. A good bed design modern and youthful is for example this one.

 Cheap childrens bedroom made with pallets8

If the beds that you have seen don’t fit with what do you want, perhaps you may look something more for your children, like this bed, the bedroom will be great and your child will be happy with a bed of his size. Here we explain you how to do it.

 Cheap childrens bedroom made with pallets9

Being cheap doesn’t means that they don’t have a big variety of furniture, the pallets versatility give us the ability to make the furniture that we want and for what we want, this is the case of this little shoe case, convenient and ideal for your children to leave their shoes neatly arranged.

Do you like this DIY pallet furniture? Do you want to look fot other DIY pallet beds?