Double bed build with 8 europallets


Excellent result which gives us the todays proposed idea. If you want to build your own double bed and you have 8 europallets, this is the opportunity to get profit of them.

    Double bed build with 8 europallets 5

To start working on it you’ll need the following materials and tools: 8 europallets (although other types of pallets may be used), a mattress, white paint and a brush, a sander, several lampholders, some light bulbs, electric cable and a switch.

Double bed build with 8 europallets 1

The idea is very simple, just to place the pallets in one way on the ground in order to build a large bed with a somewhat special design. Before placing these pallets, however you’ll have to condition them for the occasion. Sand them deeply ensuring that there are no splinters left and they get really clean, think that we’re going to use it as a bed and is very important the hygiene and safety.

Double bed build with 8 europallets 2

Once they have been clean and sanded, paint all of them in white. Do it before mounting the bed in order to not forget any corner unpainted.

Double bed build with 8 europallets 3

It’s really easy to mount the bed, just place the pallets forming a squared frame, so you’ll left hole in the center, then mount the following 4 pallets over the others, but this time trying to break the previous joint. In the picture is very clear how to build it.

Double bed build with 8 europallets 4

Finally add the mattress over the pallet platform, You will not have any problems to fit it as the bed is big enough.

Double bed build with 8 europallets 5

A good option is to add a lighting system under the bed, it’s not very difficult to do and it gives a very modern look to the bedroom. To do it you only you have to mount a few lampholders into the hollows of the pallets, wire them and install a switch as if it was a lamp, which indeed it is… It isn’t a very useful light but it’s very decorative .

As you can appreciate the idea gives a very good result and you can perform it in just a Sunday morning 🙂

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