Hanging bunk beds made ​​with pallets


This is a great idea for a kids bedroom, it’s about some hanging beds, as if they were bunk beds but instead of being supported on the ground and over another beds, they are hanging from the ceilling with ropes. Your kids will love going to sleep! To make the structure of the bed is very simple, but first you will have to completely deconstruct the pallets in order to obtain some boards, here I explain you how.  After obtaining all the necessary wood slats, you will have to create a wooden framework with the dimensions of the bed, 70″x35″  will be enough for a child, but if you already have a mattress, I would recommend you that before doing the framework first measure the matress to adapt the framework to these dimensions.

hanging bunk beds made ​​with pallets

hanging bunk beds made ​​with pallets_2

Next we will install the necessary tables across the frame, helping us with some nails, to obtain the final bed structure.

 hanging bunk beds made ​​with pallets_3

To hang up the beds in this example we have screwed some rings and tied the ropes to them, but we have some other options, we can also pass through the gaps of the structure the ropes. Remember also that you will have to build a little ladder to climb into bed!

In any case it is very important to fix very well all the system, and also reinforce the structure if you feel it’s necessary, since this bed is not going to suppot only the weight of a child, remember that the children sure are going to jump over them and be over one single bed at least 5 kids at the same time, so the system should be well secured and hold enough weight, at least 600 pounds or even more.

I hope you liked this project, is a good option to have some original bunk beds.

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