Headboard made of pallet planks


Brice Bonaldi sent us this headboard made from pallet planks. A headboard is crucial, being your bed made of pallets or not, even if it’s only a conventional mattress is always necessary, since the scrape of the heads and the bed against the wall ends up dirtying and degrading it, not to mention that it is also decorative, so do not hesitate to invest in one.

Headboard made of pallet planks 1

Brice has built this headboard using some pallet planks, he previously had to dismantle a few, and has joined them using an upper and a lower crosstab, as you can appreciate in the image. Later he has painted it in a greyish hue and the truth is that looks quite good.

You don’t need to fix it, only have to place it between the bed and the wall, nothing more, the weight of the bed itself will hold the headboard in its place.

Headboard made of pallet planks 2

Headboard made of pallet planks 3

Brice thanks a lot for sending us this bed headboard, and to everyone else, if you have any piece of furniture made with pallets and your own hands in your homes, don’t hesitate to send us some pictures, we’ll post them as soon as we can.

Do you like this pallet bed for your bedroom?