How to make a bed with a fruit box for our pets


The possibilities that the fruit boxes offer are so extraordinary and economic, and invite us to create endless furniture and practical objects for our everyday use. Today we are going to dedicate this post to our friends the pets. The material that we are going to need is a fruit box, which can be found in a fruit company store. These boxes have an ideal size for a small pet and they can support its weight very well, a very important factor for our dog/cat bed.

How to make a bed with pallets for our pets

For this project we are going to need the following materials/tools: a box of fruit, sander or sandpaper, wheels, screws and a screwdriver, varnish or paint and  a brush.

First, sand the box with a sandpaper or the sander, in order to avoid possible chips and obtain a smooth surface without imperfections. Next you can customize it with a color, you can also type the name of the animal and/or apply a coat of varnish .

Finally, with the help of a screwdriver we are going to fix the 4 wheels on the box, in order to give to the bed a greater mobility and put it everywhere whenever we want, this is not necessary but it’s always recommended. I advise you that if you want to add a mattress to the box, take first the measures to be sure that is going to fit perfectly .

Do you liked it? Well, your pet will like it even more !

Do you like this DIY bed for your pets? Do you want to look for more furniture made with fruit boxes?