Instructions of how to make a bed with pallets


Alex has sent us from France this bed made with pallets, this is a very simple design where the pallets barely have to be modified, it has been made with nine euro-pallets in total and includes the head and the bedside tables. The mattress is 160cm wide ( 62 ” ) and 200cm long ( 78″ ) .

Here we explain you how to build this bed. First you will have to get all the 9 pallets, remember they are the Euro-pallets type, if they don’t have the same measurements the bed will be completely different.




To make the base you will have to place the pallets like in the picture, you can fix between them but is not required .


The next step is to fix the headboard, you’ll use 2 pallets and like before it’s not necessary to fix them as they will be between the wall and the base .


Now we have to do the nightstands, you have to cut the pallet in order to let the mattress fit later, then finish it with a wooden board that you can get from another pallet.


Do the same on the other side and we will have the 2 nightstands made ​​.


And we have already finished the bed, finally put the mattress and the cushions over it, in this case the bed is 160x200cm ( 62 ” x78 ” ) but we can play with the ubication of the pallets and cut them to get more dimensions.

Here you can see a 3D video with all the instructions:

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