Little pallet bed for your kids


I recently presented you two DIY pallet furniture small projects related our kids, these were two little houses where they could play, take a look to this projects here: Play house for your children made of wooden pallets

 and Play house for your children made of wooden pallets 2

Today I propose something less playful, one little bed for your kids. In the picture you can see that it’s a simple project because we don’t have the penalty of deconstructing the pallets.


The first step is to make the mattress base of the bed, which consists of a whole pallet and half of another, or a larger one than the ones of the standard measures. We will join them together and put under the base 4 wheels so it will be mobile, the wheels can be purchased in any specialized hardware store. Then build the sides of the crib, cut a pallet crosswise to get all the board pieces that you should need to perimeter the sides of the bed, put all together in line and close the bed like it was a nest. You can fix them to the the base using nails and a hammer.

Finally put a mattress that fits inside the bed, buy one the dimensions that you need or simply cut a piece of foam. It is important to clean up well the pallets, and then paint or stain them, remember that that’s the place where our children are going to sleep.


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