Marriage bedroom decorated with pallets and fruit boxes


Today I am going to propose you how to decorate your bedroom using wooden pallets and fruit boxes. With the pallets you can do the bed and the headboard, and with the fruit boxes you can create the bedside tables.

In the photographs attached to this post there’s a little cheat, the headboard appears to be made ​​of pallets, but they are actually wooden planks that mimic a big pallet, pallets aren’t so big! with the nightstands happens the same, they are not really fruit boxes, they are boxes yes, but made ​​especially for for the occasion. The bed instead is completely  built with real wooden pallets. In any case, you can also do the headboard with pallets and the bedside tables with fruit boxes, and the result would be very similar to the one in the pictures.

Marriage bedroom decorated with pallets and fruit boxes 1

The bed base has been built with 8 pallets of 1×1 meter, achieving the perfect height for the bed, and the same length as the mattress. By the sides of the bed, however, the pallets protrude a little bit. You must sand very well all the edges to make them safer, think that people usually get in and out of the bed barefoot.

To make the headboard you only must put against the wall several pallets with the desired width, the pallets can be fixed to the wall using metal brackets, or simply set the pallet bed against them, of course the first option is the best.

Marriage bedroom decorated with pallets and fruit boxes 2

Finally for the bedside tables, you should just stick some boxes to the headboard base, one or two boxes per side will be enough, depending on the size of the box and the space available. In the case of photographs they have also made ​​a shelf over the boxes, it’s as simple as removing a pallet plank and fixing it to the headboard using some metal brackets and screws, and so we have more extra space to place our books or phone.

Another interesting aspect is the lighting. Behind the headboard we can hide any wiring, so it will be easy to place several lamps, think about one per side with its corresponding switch for each user. Another good option is to install multiple fluorescent bulbs behind the headboard, hidden they will create a nice passive lighting, the play of shadows would be a nice complement for the decor of the bedroom.

Do you like this palled bedroom? Do you want to look for more DIY pallet beds?