Pallet beds for your bedroom


These beds have been built with wooden pallets, it’s a DIY pallet furniture project that can be done with a minor carpentry skills, just put nails and nothing else… it’s really easy to make them!

The matress of the bed structure can come from an old one, or you can build it ​​with the same wooden pallets, you must link them together horizontally and then take advantage of the bed head and the bed end, to set them up with brackets and make them work as the legs.

The head is made ​​with 2 pallets stacked vertically, we’ll fix them to the structure that will hold the mattress, also it can be fixed to the wall if you want to make all the bed system more rigid. The front of the bed is a little bit more complex if we follow on its construction the example of the photo, but we also could built it like the head, but with less height if we don’t want to overcomplicate all the execution. In case that we want to built it exactly as the result of the image, we have to deconstruct several pallets required for to obtain the wooden boards, and then attach them as if we were going to build a trunk, joining all the boards together step by step with other internal boards crossed.

Finally we will varnish the bed with a couple of coats, there are varnishes and dyes darker to give a more rustic feel to pur beds made of wooden pallets.


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