Wall bed made with pallets


This brilliant idea is a folding bed for the wall made entirely with pallets. Basically the concept is to make some space in a studio or a room that is not usually a bedroom, and so it can be converted easily into a guest room. The bed can be folded simply placing it against the wall and occupying the same space that would occupy a bookcase.

Pullman bed made with pallets 1

Pullman bed made with pallets 2

To build it is necessary to have several pallet planks, but it could also be build using whole pallets. The planks should be joined with long crosstabs that will be fixed to the wall, you have to obtain a flat surface that covers all the dimensions of the mattress, then we’ll build the lateral ends with more planks to fit inside the mattress.

The long planks that link the whole structure have to be set with a hinge system to the wall, which will serve to fold or unfold the bed space following our needs. This structure, that fixes the bed to the wall, has to be very solid, and has to have multiple anchor points, the bed weighs a lot and the system could get broken if is not well build .

 Pullman bed made with pallets 3

In the next picture you can see another folding bed made with pallets, but with the addition of a pulley, to make easier its folding and unfolding. As you can see you have many different options to make it, it all depends on your good ideas and DIY skills.

Pullman bed made with pallets 4

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