The most original furniture! the swinging bed …


If you think you have seen everything concerning outdoor furniture design made ​​of wooden pallets, that’s because you still haven’t seen the pallet swinging bed! Ideal for those naps on those long summer spring sundays…

At the following link you can see the 3D plans and instructions of how to make this pallet swinging bed: Step by Step instructions of how to make a hanging bed with pallets

All you need to build it is four wooden pallets and some long boards (they also may can come from pallets). You’ll have to put all the 4 pallets together on the floor, in an horizontal structure, each pallet next to the other one. This will be the structure of the bed, and then we will tie it with the boards. The boards must be long enough to reach all the dimensions of the pallets, and must be perfectly nailed, inside the proper structure and also in the 2 dimensions (L and W)), obviously taking care of no letting the nails to arrive to the other side where the mattress will be placed, by the way if you find any nail point you can smash it with a hammer. It’s important join the structure stronly with the tables, and attach some on the bottom of the pallets, as this will make the bed more stable and it will disturb less the mattress.

The most original furniture the swinging bed

Finally you will have to hang it with some ropes, passing them inside the pallet structure. If you can hang it on a tree branch in your garden even much better! you will have super romantic corner. Also you will add a mattress and some blankets and cushions, just decorate it in your own style and make it comfortable.

Surely you’ll have the only garden in the neighborhood with an authentic swinging bed, you sure will be the envy of your neighbors!

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