Triple bunkbed built with pallets


Do you have space problems at your home or in your small apartment? This 3 bunk beds can help you solving any lack of space you may have in one of your house bedrooms. A bunkbed that can be especially useful in a children’s bedroom, especially if it is a second home where the space is limited, you need a place for several children and you use it in a short period of time, I’m thinking for example in an apartment in the mountains to go skiing on the weekends.

Triple bunkbed built with pallets 1

To build it you need at least 6 pallets, each bed is built with about a pallet and a half, so we’ll have to cut 3 of the pallets to fit them later in the space for the bunkbed. Then you will have to join each pallet with their respective half to form a little mattress, I recommend you to join them together using several planks, nail them under the pallets to hide them and to obtain a solid structural result.

To hold the structure of the bunkbed we use two combined systems, on one side we are going to attach to the wall several wooden strips, and the beds are going to be sustained over them; and on the other side we are going to use the wooden ladder as a structural support, also it will work as a railing preventing the children to not fall from the bunkbed, however the ladder has not been made with wooden pallets, some wooden strips have been purchased for the occasion.

Triple bunkbed built with pallets 2

Finally, when you already have the structure of the bunkbed mounted, you just have to buy some sized mattress and place them inside the beds, and you will have completed your lowcost bunkbed for the children.

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Source: Jesus Art