Win space in your room with this loft bed solution with pallets


Do you need space in your child’s room? maybe it’s a little bit small, and is not so easy to move to a new house to win some space… What’s the price of the m2 (ft 2) in your city? a lot of money right? With this great solution you can easily earn up to 2 M2 (21 ft 2) without investing any money, and considering the actual price of the M2 (ft 2)… it’s definitely a great solution! ¿How else could you earn 3.000 euros ($ 4.000) just creating a simple cabinet ??

 Win space in your room with this bunk solution or loft bed with pallets 1

With this litter, or better called loft bed, you can place the bed in your child’s bedroom on a greater height, so the remaining space below it can be exploited to eg place a desk. This will allow us that instead of having a room where there is hardly any space, we will have a good table and enough space to turn around at least.

Win space in your room with this bunk solution or loft bed with pallets 2

In this case, this bed is also complemented with a table made ​​of pallets too, but not all end here as you can also see that the shelves are made of the same material. To make all this furniture have been used Euro pallets, which are the best quality ones and also offer us a better strength.

The table is just a pallet raised with the help of some wooden planks, it doesn’t requires anything else, in the opposite case is the loft bed, which has been built using europalets planks, so before you’ll have to disassemble a few pallets to start building your project. You’ll need a lot of free time yes, but the result worths it.

Win space in your room with this bunk solution or loft bed with pallets 3

The project itself is very simple, you just have to follow the pictures to know with which planks out’s composed the bed, then cut down and prepare these planks with the measures that will fit into your bedrooms space. Creating a custom-made loft bed you will optimize the space available to the limit.

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