Asymmetric bookcase made of whole wooden pallets


I found recently this pallet furniture idea and I though that it was very interesting, so I came along to share it with you. It involves the creation of an asymetric bookcase made ​​with various wooden pallets.

As you can see the concept is very simple and it leaves a very attractive result, that’s what I loved of this bookcase, it not only was very easy to build, also the final design is really magnetic, and it even looks like a sculpture.

The realization as I said it’s very easy to do, we just have to get a few different sized recycled pallets as far as possible, if not a few pallets of the same dimensions will be enough.

Asymmetric bookcase made of whole wooden pallets

Simply we’ll put the pallets one on top of each other, those that have a top and a bottom will be left as they are, they already serve to place the books into them, but the ones that don’t have a basis should be put one against the other, turning over one of them, as you can see in the picture, so we’ll obtain a larger space on the shelf and the shelf will have a base to place over it things. As I said it’s very easy, and is not required to do any work on the wood or nail! it’s also not necessary to have any DIY knowledge.

At the time of placing the pallets you will have to put them from the central axis in a disorderly manner, we don’t want to obtain a symmetrical result, we want a more abstract bokcase. To set the pallets between them we can avoid using nails, wooden glue will be enough or simply use a hot glue gun.

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