Bookcase built with pallets vertically


To build an original and groundbreaking bookcase isn’t a very difficult task if you follow this design, built obviously using a few wooden pallets. The idea is based on placing these pallets vertically, and combine them in a rather irregular manner, to obtain a peculiar result as the one the image, we’ll obtain a design bookcase that will perfectly fit in a suite of modern design .

Library built with pallets vertically

Only 10 pallets have been used to build the bookcase, though some ones partially modified, and others with different shapes, thus enhancing the irregularity of the furniture. To fix them has been used wood glue, also fixing them in an irregular pattern, having in mind that some of them should be aligned at the bottom to work as a support for the entire unit.

The inner pallet planks will support the books as bookshelfs, you can add or remove these planks, but obviously without losing the original shape of the pallets. Some pallets are even placed one in front of the other to obtain twice wide spaces where to place the books.

As you can see the result is great, in my opinion one of the most successful furniture that we have discussed in this blog.

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