Bookcase with pallet planks


Built with pallet planks and a recycled piece of wood Matteo has built this bookcase, perfect to take profit of a small space thanks to its low thickness, it can be the solution that you are searching to store your best books.

Bookcase with pallet planks 1

The bookcase has been built plank by plank using small strips on the sides, which have also been built using long pallet planks, and the thickness of it is marked by the planks which usually are about 10cm (4″), so it’s best to store there Pocket Books like small novels.

Of course the entire bookcase is mounted by fixing the planks with nails, and behind it thin wooden tables have been placed, so the books do not reach the wall and also improve the finish of the bookcase, these tables can either be purchased at a carpenter store or can be recycled from some other wooden element, this wood has to be very thin in order to don’t increase the thickness of the bookcase, of course this last detail is optional and he wood can be fixed with nails or staples.

The final piece must be sanded and varnished as the initial photo of this post, so the finish is worthy enough and fits in our study room.

Bookcase with pallet planks 2

Matteo Thanks again for sharing with us this project and a lot of encouragement to the next!

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