Build a DIY book-shelf with pallets


If you have no time or money or just you don’t want to spend so much in a library, here I show you a simple way to build one. Surely it is the most simple and easy to do piece of pallet furniture, in this case a library.

The concept is very simple, we just have to recover some wood pallets. We can choose them from different sizes as is shown in the photo, just to give a little of irregularity in the decoration. We will varnish and sand the pallets so then we would be able to use them as indoor furniture, later we will place them against a wall, we can fix them with some plugs so then the solution will be better secured and we wouldn’t have any risk.

As a last option we can put some woods on the cross supports of the pallets so then theywould be able to support better the books, this last conversion is not necessary but it’s true that the shelf will work much better.


The end result is the one that you can see in the picture, a library made ​​of pallets with 0 cost, it’s true that the final design is not the best that we’ve seen, but it’s still very functional and practical.

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