Build a DIY pallet book-shelf


Today  we want to teach you the process to build a book-shelf, or a magazine-shelf. You will need two wooden pallets for the main structure of the book-shelf, we also will need several nails or some wooden glue. Here we show you how the furniture will look like in 3D.

The first step is to remove the wooden boards from the back of the pallet as it’s shown in the picture, we also will sand and clean the pallets.



Then we will put one pallet over the other to form the book-shelf as it’s shown in the pictures. We will fix the 2 pallets with the help of the boards that we have retired in the previous step. To fix this boards we can use nails or wooden glue.


Finally, and also again with the help of the boards that we have extracted at the first step, we will build the shelves as we can see in the detail, we can also reinforce the shelves with another board as it’s shown on the picture 11 and 12, however this step is not essential.


So that’s it, we have built the book-shelf, it could be used to place our book or our magazines. We can also varnish or paint it as we wish to fit into the decor of our home.


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