Design bookcase created with pallets


Here you can see the bookcase that Jean Phi has built for his lounge, the idea was to use the pallets almost in its original form and inspired with this design, to create an uneven pallet furniture shelf where to place his books.

This library was made in March 2012, when Jean barely had funds to built it. He used 3 large pallets, 5 medium and one small. Almost all had to be cut so they were not too long and could fit. The major part weren’t in an optimal shape, due to its recycled origins, so he decided to paint them in white to enhance their image and also give more light to the cabinet. Spaces were left inside basically to store books, however he also left some more large spaces where to store his vinyls. Next I show you the pictures that explain the creation process step by step.

     Design bookcase created with pallets 1

As you can see the assembly was just the result of the inspiration of Jean, he simply started to join the pallets creating the irregular effect but leaving the required storage spaces. The pallets doesn’t need to be fixed between them, only its own weight is enough to make them stay in place without moving, it also allows us to make future changes to the furniture or clean it with ease.

Design bookcase created with pallets 2

As you can see the look of wood was not the most optimal, so he decided to paint in white the furniture.

Design bookcase created with pallets 3

Design bookcase created with pallets 4

Here with the furniture already painted, you can see that the result doesn’t have anything in common with the previous one, is much more clean and bright, transforms the pallets that were in a deplorable state in a stylish and suitable furniture to the room.

Design bookcase created with pallets 5

The fact that the shelves are irregular gives to the furniture a lot of personality, once it has been filled with books, records and various decorative objects, the image of the library is much more decorative.

Design bookcase created with pallets 6

Here you can see that matches perfectly with the rest of the room, soon I will also explain how to make the table that you see in the picture.

As you can see Jean has created this furniture virtually without any complications and with very few resources, so it can be a good example to start working on your next pallets project.

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