Bookcase construction with wooden pallets


The result of this DIY pallet furniture library is spectacular! just look at the picture, I really can not believe that the origin of its construction materials are the pallets. You can combine it perfectly in the style of a house with rustic decor.

The construction of this furniture is more complicated than other things that we’ve discussed in this blog, the system itself isn’t complex, it’s just that it requires more work than for other furniture.

We have to deconstruct the enough pallets to get all the wooden boards that we need, all according to the size that you want to your new library, but as a guide it would take about 10 pallets to get a result similar to the picture above. Deconstruct all pallets to get only the boards. we explain you here how to deconstruct them easily, we will cut them to fit as shown in the photograph, before we should draw a sketch to know how many tables we will need and also are going to be the dimensions of the boards. Then we will join the boards to create the library, using small brackets made of plastic or metal, they can be purchased at any hardware store, but these supports also can be done with the pieces of scrap wood left over from the deconstruction of the pallets. Finally we improve the quality finish by sanding the surface, and varnishing it, 2 layers of varnish will be enough if the library is going to be inside the house, if not a third layer will be great. Also a touch of dark brown will give a more aged and rustic loog to the pallet furniture.


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