Magazine library using just one pallet


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Back to the topic, Yoshinobu created this excellent magazine-library with the help of a pallet. How is it done? Taking a look to the picture it doesn’t seems a very complicated piece of furniture, but we’ll give you some indications if you are missing something …

magazine rack made with just one pallet

The creation of it is based on using one large pallet, but it all depends on what kind of pallet do you have, depending of the pallet the design may vary from the one showed in the picture, however the idea to follow is the same as all the pallets usually have a very similar structure.

The pallet retains its original form, without removing any wooden plank, what we are going to do is to take advantage of the backside pallet planks to store the books and the magazines. To do this we need to put a board under these planks to store the magazines inside, like a shelf, therefore we are going to need another pallet to get these boards, or simply buy some boards to do this function, then place them under the backward planks of the pallet using wooden glue or some nails, now we can put the magazines inside without falling.

The last step will be to improve the finish of the cabinet and hang it on the wall, sanding and varnishing it will be an excellent choice, although painting it of a nice color can also be an excellent solution. We will have to fix some spikes on the wall, if you want to fix it well the wall, don’t forget yo use enough spikes of a considerable size. Finally just hang the pallet over them.

As you can see this magazine is very easy to build, not only it decorates perfectly the wall, it also ocupes almost no space so it’s ideal for small homes. Yoshinobu Thank you very much for your input, and to all of you, we look forward waiting for your projects made with pallets!

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