Armchairs built with wooden pallets


Vlaminck Ognev designed these armchairs made ​​of pallets, he got the pallets from a print shop. These pallets were used to transport paper, it hasn’t been needed to saw them as they have just the right shape to fit as an armchair. We just need 4 pallets all screwed together as is it shown in the picture, then we’ll apply a coat of white paint. To make the armchairs a little bit more comfortable, Ognev chosed to put a tapestry in the back and the seat. A nice touch that also includes a stamp made ​​with a template, in green letters it says “FRAGIL”, as if they were transport boxes.

Armchairs built with wooden pallets

Armchairs built with wooden pallets2

The armchairs are great together in one room or a waiting room. It could be a good idea to furnish the office hall of a transport company. And you can do not only armchairs with pallets, you can do pallet furniture for the whole office!

Armchairs built with wooden pallets3

Here you can see the stamp that I commented, you only have to make a template with a paper cutting some letters inside, then you can paint them with an acrylic paint or a spray.

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