Bar counter built with pallets


This small bar has been completely built with wooden pallets. Simple in design but perfectly functional, created from a pallet structure with a “L” shape, which also includes a pair of stools and a shelf for the bar bottles.

Bar counter built with pallets

The pallets placed vertically with some others horizontal put above them form the bar, thanks to the “L” shape the bar doesn’t fall. The pallets that build the superior table have been cut to have a normal size. Finally all the pallet gaps have been covered using adjusted planks to fit the holes, this is to obtain a furniture with a more solid feel and improve its aesthetics.

Both stools are built with wooden planks obtained from disassembled pallets, whereas the shelf-bar from the wall has been created by cutting one end of a pallet.

Great furniture for any bar or restaurant with a modern or rustic style, which can also be a nice extra to the game room or garden of your home.

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