Bench planter built with pallets


Eric sends us back one of his great creations, where not only his ability to modify the wooden pallets is clear, of course this project emphasizes greatly on the creativity and design, combining a simple bench with a lateral planter.

Bench planter built with pallets 1

The design of the bench is built on two legs, one very simple that is just a cut pallet, and one that is a big planter made from several pallets, also this planter works as a screen hiding behind the bench, something very interesting if we want to create a more private and enclosed space.

Bench planter built with pallets 2

Both the seat and the backrest of the cabinet are constructed using the same technique, joining several planks with crossed ones, and leaving some space between each plank in order to save wood and give more flexibility to the seat and the backrest. The planter besides follows a more complicated process, the pallets are stacked vertically and covered with wooden planks, on the top 2 small boxes have been created to fill them with soil and plant there some plants. The bench is solidly attached to the planter, you should use for doing this a couple of metal brackets bolted to the wooden structures.

Bench planter built with pallets 3

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