Brewery furnished with pallets


In Martorell, Barcelona, we can find this brewery with a peculiar general decor, you can’t only find black and white hanging pictures with clips on ropes, or dry branches of trees decorating the place, most of the furniture have been built simply with stacked pallets.

Brewery furnished with pallets  1

You can find tables as you see in the photos that come with this post, or banks like the picture below covered with cushions and upholstered.

Brewery furnished with pallets  2

Other furniture to keep in mind is this table that has been fixed directly to the wall, made of pallets cut transversely and metal brackets, more suitable for couples or people that comes alone alone and just want to drink a beer.

Brewery furnished with pallets 3

Definitely a good example of how to decorate a local economically but at the same time stylish.

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