Build a bench with pallets


     Build benchs with pallets

This family wanted some benches for her dining room, so naturally they thought about doing them using some wooden pallets. They found one in the garden, and after a few measurements the designer came to the conclusion that he could make exactly 2 benches without leaving any residue. The end of the benches has been done with a good sanding and also the application of several layers of wood oil.

 Build benchs with pallets_2

A piece of wood was broken while they were dismantling the pallet, so they had to take advantage of some discarded wood that was in the garage of 30cm long.

 Build benchs with pallets_3

 Build benchs with pallets_4

 Build benchs with pallets_5

It seem that the cats like it 🙂

 Build benchs with pallets_6

The son of the designer of these banks loves swinging above them, so he’s thinking about embracing the legs between them with more wooden boards, so the benches will have a larger live even with this intensive use.

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